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Smudging & Cleansing


What is Smudging & Cleansing?

Smudging and Cleansing is a technique that helps Marina to clean the negative energy and bring positive energy with new lights of blessings. This is done by organizing any ceremony or rituals at home, office, dwelling. It is an effective method to keep your environment cleansed from bad energy.

Marina Dee offers smudging and cleansing that is done by calling spirits of sacred plants for removing negative energy and restores balance. It is done by her in person one by one or via Skype. Her positive energy brings empathy, prosperity, wealth and happiness in your life.

Smudging and cleansing of one self can be done as well as your home or office , to get rid of any badenergy that surrounds you and bring calmness, balance and harmony onto your life.

If you wish to have yourself cleansed or smudged through a cleansing ceremony of yourself or your home.

Please call or email Marina for Quote.

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