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Candle Wax Reading

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Famous Candle Wax Reader

Marina Dee is a famous Clairvoyant Reader based in Australia (Melbourne) who has ability to read the problems of your life through Candle Wax Reading. It is done by choosing a candle of your favourite color as every colors have different meaning in life. She gives accurate answers to your questions with the help of that particular colored candle which you have selected among all.

Solve Your Problem Through Candle Wax Reading

She helps in solving various problems of your life related to love, career, business, money and family. Her accurate spiritual messages give harmony, success, prosperity in your life. Candle Wax Reading can be done in person or sending photos of candle via email/ webcam.

Some basic colors of candles used in online candle wax reading and its significance are as follows:- b_0_0_0_00_images_candles.png

  • Red : love and relationships
  • Yellow : money, career, job, business
  • Green : health
  • Pink : friendships, family
  • Purple : spirituality
  • Blue : future and future events
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World Renowned Medium Australian Clairvoyant Psychic Reader & Healer